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Update by user May 07, 2016

While paying for the treatment, there was a staff member that kept yawning as to try to distract me from reading the disclaimer I was about to sign.They made me feel incredibly uncomfortable after I paid for the service as well.

After I was refunded for the package that was pushed on me that I did not want, I was told, "The girl with the laser is not going to be nice".

What kind of thing is that to say?I have it all on voice recorder.

Original review posted by user May 06, 2016

➨➨➨ PLEASE READ ➨➨➨ I am going to other sites that allow photo posting for reviews to post them as well to show the butchery of this corporation. If you look online more, you will find that it is unbelievable! The Cary, NC Branch has even less experience than the Greensboro branch that I transferred from. I asked for a transfer of my credits from Greensboro because after they got my money they made me feel like they were going to do what they wanted to do, not what I wanted done. I went there to have a few minute cherry colored angiomas removed and have a dead pore closed and I was fast-talked into a package that I did not even want. While I was in the chair I had to ask why she was zapping my nose because I did not even have a conversation with the sale team about my nose. I told her why I was there and she told me that the order that she had was for a package that dealt with noses. I was told that I had to get a different package that was $1000, not the $500 one that I have just paid for. I wanted a few angiomas removed. Well after the second time I went in, I felt that I needed to bring a voice recorder because I felt something was awry. I then recorded every visit to this house of horrors! I was refunded after I was sold a different package, one that I thought would address the small blemished on my face. The $1000 package was just robbery for what they did to my face. I feel violated, robbed, and abused! I completely think all of the treatments that I got afterwards at the Greensboro Office was done to damage my face because I challenged their authority. I have it recorded.

The damage that was none to my face was purposely executed because she used the laser on my beard area under my chin, 12" from the angiomas on my forehead that I wanted removed! The Tech claimed that she was removing Rosacea. There has never been any redness under my chin just hair! If that was the case when did she not zap my cheeks? She just spotted my facial hair and she laughed while she was doing it and said, "Your hair is going to grow back funny". That is the last thing that she said to me after they had my cash! There is no way that the Tech could not have known what I wanted and when I wanted it from the refund and conversation that I had previously about these bloody angiomas! I have it all recorded.

Something at this corporation is awry! Do they need to drug test the employees? Is a higher standard and acceptable GPA needed from the students they allow to use these tools and call themselves Techs? Are any of these guidelines even used?

Now I look like a dog with the mange! I can no longer grow hair on my face in random areas, spot like patches that have no rational pattern for any kind of treatment that I know of. Again, they do as they please after they take your money. I am guessing that they thought that I would come back and pay another $1000 to have my facial hair removed completely. I just have to shave every 2 days now and cannot grow that George Micheals style 5 o'clock shadow anymore. This really makes me angry and they think there are going to be no consequence of their actions! The Techs just did as they pleased! When I asked the branch manager for a transfer because I had lost all confidence in their services, I was told that the treatment that was being done to my face was being done in steps basically, as if I were ***. That was a slap in the face because my spotted face is not evenly spotted, if spots are what you are going for. I am not a leopard and I did not want spots! This reinforced my belief that they do what they want to do because I have a lady here telling me that I did not need to transfer and that I was getting the proper treatment. I would not let them change the oil in my car after what happened to my face. I could understand if she did what I asked her to do and if it did not turn out perfect then my expectations would have been my own. I did not get the angiomas removed until I went to the Cary, NC branch. These people caused severe damage to my nose. I had to *** my face away from the laser because it felt like she was drilling holes in my nose. That is exactly what she did on my last visit and I have documented and recorded my entire ordeal with these so called heath care professionals. I am so disgusted with these people that I tell everyone that I see in restaurants, stores, malls, parks as well as friends and family are helping me cope with damage that was caused to my face these devils. If you have been to more than one of these offices, you will see that they have a mental checklist that they go down while talking to you in the chair. This may make some people you feel that they deserve the damage that may result from untrained Techs, or possibly it was a Karma that had befell them and they deserved what they get, there is no other use for these types of blunt conversations. I know of these tactics that are taught in college by certain professors and this is impossible to be a coincidence due to the exact order of the questions that were asked of me that were racial and political in nature and in no way acceptable conversation. I knew then that they had been trained to say these things and that one possible use would be to discourage citizens from filing suits for the mutilation that these undereducated, so-called servant to the medical industry cause. Like said before , if you have an issue that is so bad that they could only give positive benefits, please try them. When they ask you about your personal life please tell them that you would rather they concentrate on your face and not your bank account. I have came to the conclusion that they train these people on the job and just pay out settlements until the Techs get enough experience to avoid causing damage to patients skin.

D.H.__1--Scammed wrote the review because of bad quality at Sona Medspa and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Sona Medspa to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was answering machine at corporate office. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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You should sue sue sue sue sue their insured that's what it's for and DO it before a statue of limitations run out. I think it's just awful what happened to you and they should lose their business license permanently!!!!

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #1230118

Good grief, what a bizarre rant. If you carried on like this at the time of treatment it might explain a lot.

to Anonymous #1366984

Didn't you see his beard?! Good grief to you!

to Sarah #1379533

The beard started growing back 6 months latter.I still have two new holes in my face!

This was the most shameful experience that I have ever had!

They will try to make you feel like you deserved it by asking you weird questions!These people are turning health care into a religion!

to Anonymous #1379531

Troll!Go put your face in there hands, Please!

These people are masters of manipulation!They have figured out how to get your cash without using a firearm!

to Dicky #1380001

You sound like you would fit in there. I can send you an application...no experience needed!

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